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Ladies & Gents, Meet Bier Wagon

Bier Wagon is a bar catering service that was founded on the belief that special events deserve great craft beer and cocktails to accompany those events. Prohibition ended decades ago folks, it's time we started drinking like it. But hey, if you prefer domestics...we can get down with that. After all, it's your party, we're just here to help keep it going.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer, Wine, & Cocktails on Wheels

Bier Wagon
Mobile Bar Catering Service

Bier Wagon is a bar catering service on wheels. The wagon arrives at your event. You drink.

Outdoor Weather
Outdoor Events

Bier Wagon strives to serve outdoors, regardless of the weather. Rain or shine.

Craft Beer Wine Cocktails
Craft Beer, Wine, & Cocktails

Folks, prohibition is over. We encourage imbibing off delicious craft beer, wine and cocktails.

Bar Catering Business
Mullet Mentality

Business in the front, party in the back. Bier Wagon focuses on customer satisfaction to the utmost. We'll gladly toast a beer in your honor when it's all said and done.