1. Decide the Event

You have an event in mind? Yes...ok maybe not quite yet. From a wedding reception to a birthday party, Bier Wagon is ready keep the party rolling so-to-speak.

Bier Wagon Serves

2. Pick Your Beverage Menu

Ahhhh! This is even more crucial than step number one. The Bier Wagon can help you figure out the right amount you will need for the event. Fill out the contact form to provide us with more information of what you had in mind. (We are flexible.)

Craft Beer Wine Cocktails

3. Bier Wagon Picks Up & Serves

To make things easier (legalities wise), the wedding party (you) needs to purchase the alcohol prior to the event. We will pick up the alcohol from the store and handle the rest.

Bier Wagon Serves

4. You Celebrate!

It really is that simple. We serve your event and you celebrate with friends and family. Cheers!

Wedding Celebrations