Bier Blog #5 - The Uber "Puke" Button

uber puke button

That’s right, you read that correctly. The Uber app allows drivers to push a “Puke” button if an intoxicated passenger vomits inside their vehicle. Let’s imagine the scene unfolding…

uber application

The Scenario

It’s 2:00am, and you’ve made the responsible decision of pulling out your iPhone and opening the Uber app to get a ride home. Your Uber driver, Derek, arrives at your current location a few minutes later (let’s say Kelly’s in Westport). The usual conversation ensues with the Uber driver and you suddenly decide you want chicken strips and an order of 50/50 (onion rings and fries) from Winstead’s to cap this drunken night off. Pulling into the drive-thru, the aroma of the grease soaked fries and burgers sends your stomach into a fury…and your night’s bar-tab is spewed onto the interior of the Uber vehicle. Fudge.

We asked local Uber drivers what happens next after someone vomits in their vehicle. This is what we learned:

uber puke button

The Results

1. Uber driver, Derek, may kick you out right there on the curb at Winstead’s.

2. After they drop you off at your drop-off location, your Uber driver will photograph the scene of the crime. (This isn’t a weird fetish, they have to document this incident and report it to Uber.)
3. Those photographs of your vomit just costed you an additional $60-$100 cleaning/damage fee on top of your ride fee. (We heard $80 for the average. We childishly wish there’s vomit meter scale they use for estimating the damage.)
4. Uber driver, Derek, will clean out his vehicle. He’ll likely give you a bad Uber customer rating (yep, that too also exist in the Uber app.)
5. You’ll wake up the next day with a hangover and a hefty fee from Uber from the previous night.

uber puke button

What can we all learn from this?

1. Be a responsible, happy drunk. (Skip on the last shot your friend wants you to drink.)
2. Be nice to the Uber driver. They’re there to get you home safely.
3. If you have to vomit, alert the Uber driver to pull-over so you can open the door to vomit.