Bier Blog #2 - The Beer Pour

Beer glass types

Believe it or not, but the act of pouring a beer into a glass is a rather crucial part of enjoying a quality beer. The type of serving glass, beer temperature, and also the beer pour angle all have an affect on the beer you’re enjoying. We poured 23 beers consecutively to learn the perfect technique (maybe not that many). Here’s our three step process that you should follow next time you’re opening up that tasty sud after a hard day’s work.

1. Choose The Proper Serving Glass

Beer glass types

Like the different kinds of beers that exist in the world, there also exist a variety of glasses for specific beer types. These glasses aren’t just for looks; they enhance everything from the taste profile of the beer to the smell aroma that stings your nostrils. Sure, you can just pour all beers into a pint glass…but to receive the Full Monty, get educated on what glasses go with what beer types.

2. Beer Temperature

beer temperature

Most beers have an ideal serving temperature that offers the best rendition of the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen in liquid form in your mouth. Catch my drift? Keep in mind, the stronger the alcohol level in a beer means it should likely be drank at a warmer temperature. These stronger beers have an incredible amount of flavors and aromas that are difficult to taste at that cold bud-heavy temperature.

3. The 45° Beer Pour

beer pour technique

It seems easy to do, but pouring a beer into a glass takes practice. Start by holding the glass at a 45° angle. Begin to pour the beer, aiming for the middle of the glass. Then, slowly begin to bring the glass to a 90° angle continuing to pour towards the middle of the glass. A good amount of foam head from the beer should be present to release the beer’s aromatics.